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Packs of Rockets

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Kingsize – 4 Pack

4 different effects within one firework show.


Dark Salute – 5 Pack

Black powder report rockets.


Xcite/Starlight – 10 pack

A great selection of 10 assorted rockets including blue peony to crackle, red peony to crackle and gold peony to crackle.


Sky Dragon (Sky Burst) – 6 Pack

6 great effect rockets including crackling flower, green coconut, blink willow, silver brocade. 



Luna Rocket – 14 Pack

Excellent bursts including yellow to blue peony, silver blink, cracking red, gold willow



Screaming Banshee – 3 Pack

 Whistling silver tails to white/gold/strobe/white glitter.



King Cobra – 5 Pack

Big breaks, colourful effects, including palm, crackling willow blocker and gold bouquets.