Sparklers Gold

18 jumbo gold sparklers, pack of 5 NEW PRICE, Was £1.50

Sparklers Coloured

18 jumbo coloured sparklers, pack of 5

Sparklers Neon

Jumbo Neon Sparklers 5 pack

Halo Wheel

Pink to gold to green spray. 40 seconds. Half Price Sale Item

£4.00 £2.00
Dancing Diamonds

A fountain lasting over 90 seconds with multi-glittering effects and dancing diamonds in Red, Green, Silver and Yellow, finishing with crackle finale. Half Price Sale Item

£6.75 £3.35
Flying Geese, 6 pack

6 pack of flying geese fireworks. Half Price Sale Item.

£7.00 £3.50
Hunting Hawks, 4 pack

4 pack of fireworks. Half Price Sale Item

£7.00 £3.50
Splitting Comets

420 shots. red, green crackling stars. Half Price sale Item

£8.00 £4.00
Jumping Jack Flash

16 shot red stars with crackling to green bouquets and blue stars with red, green and blue tails. 30 seconds. NEW PRICE, Was £7.50

Twist & Shout

16 shots spinning red to green and blue tails to red and crackling star bursts. 30 seconds. NEW PRICE, Was £7.50

2.5″ Shell Head

Shell Head Rocket, Large round burst. HALF PRICE SALE ITEM

£11.00 £5.50
Sky Python

Gold Brocade with Blue Stars. Half Price Sale Item.

£12.00 £6.00
Crackling Python Celebration Cracker

The Chinese celebration cracker is back and this time its got a sting in the tail. Great reports and effects from this 12ft long cracker than bangs and crackles with a double thunder cluster of bombs in the head as a finale. Half Price Sale

£12.00 £6.00
Hot Hatch

16 Shot Multi-Shot Barrage by Cube. Sale Item, Normal Price £12,75

£12.75 £6.35
Red Line

16 Shot Multi-Shot Barrage by Cube. New Half Price Sale Item

£12.75 £6.35