Why Allstar Fireworks?

Allstar Fireworks was established in 1992 and has fired 100's of displays, ranging from small garden party displays to large Multi-Media


Need a special display?

Nothing can compare to the brilliance and excitement of fireworks. Fireworks will bring excitement, amazement and most importantly of all, has the power to entertain thousands


Planning a Wedding?

It’s your perfect day, so you deserve the best and what better way to celebrate than with a spectacular firework display. Allstar Fireworks can design a display


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Our range of award winning fireworks have been chosen for their performance and reliability from a wide range of manufacturers to give you the best display possible


Allstar Fireworks welcomes you...

Take a look at some of our award winning fully synchronised musical displays.  



Here is an example of a standard unsynchronised display which can be tailored to your budget:  



Fireworks are an art form where the canvas is the night Sky

Allstar Fireworks, artists in pyrotechnics, invite you to share the magic that only fireworks can give to your event.


We are an award winning innovative and creative company established for over 25 years in the pyrotechnic industry and with a 100% safety record. Allstar Fireworks design displays for every budget & occasion which include Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, Media/Entertainment, Private Parties and naturally Guy Fawkes Celebrations.

British Musical Firework Champions 2004 - British Musical Firework Champion Of Champions. We are proud to have taken third place among the UKs top 7 companies in 1999, 2008, 2014 and 2017.




Allstar Fireworks offer the following as part of our professional services:


Allstar is the preferred operator of fireworks at:

Moor Park Golf Club