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About Allstar Fireworks

Allstar Fireworks was established in 1992 and has fired 100’s of displays, ranging from small garden party displays to large Multi-Media events using fireworks choreographed to music & lasers.

The management of Allstar Fireworks has over 50 years of joint experience within the firework industry and use their extensive knowledge and skills, which, together with their own passion and drive they aim to provide you with the ultimate display.

Allstar Firework technicians are trained to exacting standards of professionalism as set out by the British Pyrotechnics Association.

We specialise in firework displays synchronised to music, using our state of the art computerised firing system which gives split second accuracy, its superiority was confirmed when we won the prestigious British Musical Firework Championships in 2004 which was held in Southport.

All events are catered for, including, Weddings, Company/Product Launches, Sporting Entertainment, Christmas Lights, Festivals, Private Parties, Anniversaries & Guy Fawkes.

Although we are based in the South of England this does not limit our capabilities as we have performed displays from as far away as Grand Cayman in The Caribbean.

We have extensive insurance cover, including £5,000,000 public liability. We are also proud to say that we have a 100% safety record of never having an accident so you can be sure to book with confidence.

DIY Displays and Fireworks, Allstar Fireworks are licensed to sell fireworks all year round and keep a wide range of products, all tested to CE standards. We specialise in larger fireworks which we sell individually along with typical garden fireworks, all at very competitive prices. We would also be happy to design and pack a display to suit your requirements.

  • We have our own licensed explosive stores which carry up to 9 tons of fireworks.
  • A huge amount of equipment, including over 2500 mortar tubes for firing shells etc.
  • Four electronic firing systems.
  • Established over 25 years in the firework industry
  • Fully insured with £5,000,000 minimum cover.
  • Members of The EIG
  • 100% safety Record

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