Fanned Barrages

Whistling Waves

Excellent lower noise angled barrage with volleys of glittering gold mines to coloured pearls and high pitched whistles.



Beijing Willows

25 Shots of gold, crackling willowen leaf with blue mine, crackling palm with blue mine, crackling willow with blue mine.


Typhoon (Cyclone) 49 Shot Angled Cake

Silver spinning butterflies with deep red glittering mines pulsating from left to right.



Mega Wave 119 Shot Angled Cake

Immense burst of red tails to red blue peony plus other effects including glitter green and purple peonies. 



Tidal Wave (Wonder Wall) 100 Shot Z Angle Cake

100 shot. red tails to purple and green stars, glittering green tails to blue stars, yellow tails to yellow stars, silver glittering tails to golden willow, whistling tails to blue stars and silver fish, red/green/blue tails to red wave, green wave, blue crackling stars, coloured mines to cloud stars, whistling with green glitter to whistling tail to crackling flower. 45 seconds.


Fanfare (Angled Gunpowder Plot) 100 shot

Wide angled spread version of our best selling Gunpowder Plot. 100 shots, each row of 10 fired in a volley together creating excellent spread and mix. starting with crackling tails and red stars, crackling stars to green bouquet, crackling tail to blue peony, white mine to white bouquet, green mine to geen bouquet, red mine to red bouquet, crackling mine to crackling, green tails to spinner and whistles and whistling crackling tail to white bouquet. All this in a duration of 30 seconds. Stunning.


Coliseum (Colossus) 80 shot fan

Awesome wide angles and huge breaks from this heavyweight barrage. Brocade pine tails fire up to gold brocade bursts that fill the sky in a jaw dropping fast firing Z pattern for an amazing 30 seconds.