Finale Barrages

Quick firing barrages (Cakes) with great effects. Perfect to finish your display with.

Arabian Nights

36 shot crackling brocades with green stars, red crackles, blue stars with gold brocades. 45 seconds.



Ice Breaker

100 shot, mixes cool colours with vibrant effects.




This impressive 20mm compound fires 100 shots of big red, green, silver blinks mines with massive bursts of sea blue mine with silver blink, lemon pearls with red blink, gold palms and blue stars and titanium silver chrysanthemums.



49 shot.  30 seconds. With multicoloured tails of blue, red and green, breaks of brocade crown with blue peony stars, crackling bouquets with blue pearls.



60 shot, Vibrant colours and dazzling effects. Features truly massive bursts and a stunning glitter crackle finale.


Snow Storm

50 Shot. Brilliant white strobe mines with white waterfall cascades.




This stunning mixed effect and angle barrage offers 120 shots of blue tail to blue star red fish; blue tail to blue star green fish; blue tail to blue star colour fish; red wave tail to red wave chrys; green wave tail to green wave chrys; red tail to white strobe; blue tail to brocade crown; golden tail to golden willow red green strobe; red tail to brocade crown chrys. 55 seconds.


Phoenix Rising (Soaring Eagle)

100 shots of crackling corkscrew tails twisting into the night changing to large multi coloured breaks above with quickened finale for a sky filling duration of 40 seconds


Conspirators of 1605 (The Gunpowder Plot)

100 shot, crackling tails to multi-coloured breaks, crackling mines to crackling bouquets, red and green tails to silver spinners. 70 seconds.


Alien Invasion

Low noise unique silver crackling mine with red strobe and blue and silver flying fish.



U.F.O (1000 Bees Swarming)

100 large shot of multi-coloured bees. 40 seconds.


Wild Wolves (Wolf Pack Barrage)

100 shot. coloured mines with multi-coloured crackling burst. 40 seconds.



64 Shot including whistles, flying fish, falling leaves, coloured tails to brocade, silver, crackling willows to time rain bouquets.



Salvo Storm (Vortex Volley)

64 Shot. Volley fire of 4 large bore shots of dragon tails to crackling flowers, to red palm trees with white glitter, to crackling dragon eggs, finishing with volley fire of 8 huge green palms with white glitter & whistles. duration 40 seconds


AF61 Spectacular

61 shots, Features a range of effects including Red and Green crackling flowers, Purple/Green/Blue peonies, Red stars with White glitter and crackling tails with large crackling breaks.