Single Ignition Barrages

Light once and enjoy a mini display in one Barrage (Cake), usually longer lasting.

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Trojan Spirit

100 shot and 1 minute 10 seconds. Effects include big silver. blue and green blink mines into breaks of red, green, purple and titanium gold palms with silver blink into blink mines with wave willow bursts with red and blue stars to mine breaks with red stars and crackling with a titanium silver chrysanthemum finale.




126 shots of spectacular effects over 90 seconds from blue stars and flying fish, purple bouquets, whistling and crackling tails, spinners and purple and green crackling bouquets.


Chain Reaction

170 shots and mixed effects and firing angles this display in a box offers fantastic colours tails to blue star silver fish, white strobe, red and green stars, lemon blue stars, silver tail whistling, red tail red palm crackling; red tail red strobe blue star; green tail purple star green strobe; golden tail to golden willow crackling; blue tail to blue star silver fish; silver tail crackling. 2 minutes


2 Minute Celebration (2 Minute Spectacular)

Stunning large bore multi-shot cake fires rows at over 100ft of crackling dragons eggs, gold tail to red peony, gold tail to green peony, gold tail to blink peony, gold tail to colour peony and finishing with a thunder finale.


Phantom (2 cakes)

210 shot. strait, fan and V shape. Kaleidoscope of colours, crackles, glitter with big finale.



El Paso

whistles, bangs and crackles. Colour and noise. 2 minutes.


3 Minute Celebration (3 Minute Spectacular)

Ideal for wedding and celebrations this multi-shot cake sends stars stover 100ft and has a finale of cracking dragon eggs. Please note some items fire quicker and may be shorter than 3 minutes, however still spectacular.