Allstar Fireworks Wedding Displays

It’s your perfect day, so you deserve the best and what better way to celebrate than with a spectacular firework display. Allstar Fireworks can design a display that will add dazzle, delight, and magic to a night of romance, that will be remembered by you and your guests forever.

All of our displays are unique and exclusive to you but to help you we have put together four examples of displays, The Orion Display (£800), The Nova Display (£1200), and The Supernova Display (£1800). All of our prices include VAT, a site survey for your safety and best viewing position, £5 Million Insurance cover, Free Design Service, State of the art electronic firing system, fully qualified team of pyrotechnicians, complete set up, clear up and tidy up service. In short we will take the worry away from you, Allstar will take care of everything from start to finish, so all you need to do is enjoy yourself and we can even set up in secret so that your guests will not realise what excitement and splendour awaits them.

Display Information

The Orion Display

The “Orion” Aerial Display (8 minutes long) will include numerous Aerial Display Shells, Mines, Candles and Barrage’s that will fill the sky with color coordinated stars and effects. This wonderful display will last approximately 8 minutes and will end with our famous spectacular “Grand Finale” that includes over 35 Aerial Display Shells exploding high in the night sky over a period of 40 seconds and ending with six huge Shells exploding simultaneously ending your display with a spectacular umbrella of color and noise.

Think you need something bigger? Then why not upgrade this Display to The Nova Display or contact us for some advice.

The Nova Display

The magical “Nova” Aerial Display is approximately the same duration as our “Orion Display” (8 minutes long) show but with greater content, ensuring even more exciting and larger sequences. This spectacular display includes many giant 125mm Shells, scattering stars and effects high into the night sky as well as Giant Fanned Barrage’s and Shimmering Candles. The “Nova Display” Grand Finale will Amaze and Excite with over 45 Aerial Display Shells which will include Giant 125mm & 150mm Shells and your display will end with a sky filling simultaneous volley of Fanned Single Shot Comets along with Fanned 125mm and 150mm Giant Shells bringing your Stunning Display to a memorable finish.

Think you need something bigger? Then why not upgrade this Display to The Supernova Display or contact us for some advice.

The Supernova Display

The “Super Nova” Aerial Spectacular is the Ultimate in our Wedding Displays (9 – 10 minutes long). An Awe Inspiring event with a truly breathtaking “Grand Finale”. This Display will include Sky Filling 150mm Giant Aerial Display shells that fill the sky with colour, Giant Fanned Barrage’s, Glittering Fanned Roman Candles and Huge Ground Mines. The “Supernova” Display includes no less than two “Pre Finale’s” and then culminating in a truly Spectacular “Grand Finale” with over 60 Sky Filling Aerial Shells Exploding & Cascading in the Night Sky and to bring your show to a pulsating end we will fire 13 Single Shot Fanned Comets along with 2 X Fanned 150mm, 3 X Fanned 125mm, 3 X Fanned 100mm and 4 X Fanned 75mm Aerial Shells all simultaneously bursting and filling the sky above you with colour and noise, magnificent.

Think you need something bigger? Then contact us for some advice.

We can also offer these additions to enhance your display:

  • Firework writing Good Luck, Thank You, Bye or any message you choose. Prices from £11.50 (per letter)
  • Silver Waterfall A giant curtain of silver cascading fire, 10 meters wide and lasting approximately 1 minute. £75.00
  • Set Piece Heart of fire with the bride & grooms initials together with a love Heart and spinning silver in the background. £100.00
  • Hearts in the sky Large aerial shell bursting high in the sky producing a Red Heart For maximum effect we recommend 2 to 3 firings. £15.00 (per firing)
  • Gold to silver Fountain A giant 125mm Fountain producing a colour change eruption of fire, gold to silver rising 25ft in the air. £50.00
  • An Avenue of Fountains An avenue of beautiful fountains through which your car departs. Please contact us for pricing.
  • Chinese Crackers Traditional Chinese crackers producing 1000’s of rapid flashing reports. Spectacular. £25.00